There's no sound you can't hear with Phonak Paradise

Hearing is seen as something we naturally do. hearing, It is a complex part of our being and essential to our overall health..

excellent sound quality from the hearing aid

expects versatility and the ability to control and customize hearing aids in any situation. Phonak Audéo ™ Paradise, unrivaled sound quality

Hearing aid and personalized digital solutions

Powerful smart apps, Provides access to features that support a personalized customer experience. Completely new hardware, Provides access to Android Iphone TV etc devices in various environments.

to smartphone, connects to tv and more

Phonak Paradise direct to iOS®, Connects to Android™ or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. So directly into your hearing aids, You can stream excellent quality audio.. also, for easier use, You can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between the two seamlessly..

Clear and natural sound with Phonak Paradise

Hearing is a complex process. hearing begins in the cochlea, where sound is first perceived, and ends in the brain, where we experience sound. Phonak Paradise hearing aid, Manufactured by phonak hearing aids to deliver clear and natural sound so you can experience the beauty of the world the way you should hear it.. Every feature, based on science to create a great hearing aid.

One-touch voice assistant access to the hearing aid

Answer phone calls just by touching your ear, imagine starting or pausing music and activating voice assistants. A motion sensor located in Phonak Paradise, gives you an effortless way to do all this and more. built-in microphone, lets you make truly hands-free calls and activate the voice assistant.

Phonak hearing aid ‘ The next level for those with mild to profound hearing loss, powerful voice, universal connectivity and personalized digital solutions.

The best hearing aid models

It is important to share your hearing needs and expectations with your hearing care professional.. The information you will provide, will help your hearing care professional recommend a hearing aid that will suit both your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle expectations. The best hearing aids help you::

Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

Audéo Paradise with brand new equipment, stands out with its hearing performance and includes many advanced features. Alright, what is the result? You can share your experiences with us.