Phonak Virto ™ Marvel

Phonak Virto ™ Marvel The right solution for you

personalized hearing aid, now also available in an elegant black finish with direct connectivity and hands-free calls.

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    Net, rich sound

    Understanding conversations better1 and enjoy hearing² with less effort in noise. You'll be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first use and every time you use them..

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    to smartphones, connection to television and more

    Phonak Virto M-312 hearing aids, connects directly to your iOS or Android smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled device. Hands-free phone calls with these devices, TV, music, ebook, You can use it for podcasts and much more..

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    1600Biometric calibration with over 1,000 data points calculates the anatomy of both your ears. Then each Virto hearing aid, It is custom-made to offer a perfect and unobtrusive fit and high comfort..

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    elegant black

    Now also available in an elegant black finish.